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Northfield History Questionnaire

A questionnaire published by Betty Crookes, likely in the Winnetka Talk, asking for information about Northfield history.

Northfield's history is out there somewhere waiting to be compiled

"Northfield's history is out there somewhere waiting to be compiled" article in the Winnetka Talk's "Northfield Neighbors" column by Betty Crookes.

Opposition to park district

"We oppose this park proposition". Editorial opposing Northfield Park District

Sunset Ridge Annexed to New Trier

Vote to annex Sunset Ridge to New Trier District

Northfield engages in battle

Article from the Winnetka Talk describing the upcoming election in Northfield.

John Happ First President of New Town of Wau Bun

John Happ first president of new town of Waubun

Waubun Election

Village selects ballot for first election of village officials

Ballot Today May Bring New Village

Article from the Winnetka Talk about the vote to incorporate as Wau Bun.

Article about the Skokie Valley Train

Newspaper Article about the Skokie Valley Train likely published in the Winnetka Talk.

Social Dance Class

There isn't a hippie in sight at social dancing classes evenings at Sunset Ridge School in Northfield. The program, designed to teach social skills to junior high pupils living in Northfield, is sponsored each year by the Sunset Ridge-Middelfork PTA.

Northfield's Play Program: Product of Working Fool.

Article about Jim Clarkson, who helped spearhead the Northfield Park District through the purchase of 28 acres of land owned by the Brachtendorf family in the mid-1950s.

Park district ballot

"Jurist enters court order for Park District Ballot". Vote to form Northfield Park District.

Northfield Village Organized Own Fire Fighting Volunteers

Northfield organizes own fire fighting volunteers