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Social Dance Class

There isn't a hippie in sight at social dancing classes evenings at Sunset Ridge School in Northfield. The program, designed to teach social skills to junior high pupils living in Northfield, is sponsored each year by the Sunset Ridge-Middelfork PTA.

Charles Levernier hand-drawn maps

Series of hand-drawn maps of Northfield 1910-1915, drawn by Charles Levernier in 1982

Samuel Insull, 1920

Portrait of Samuel Insull from 1920.

Brown School

Brown School teacher (unknown) outside school with students; it was torn down in the summer of 1930 to make way for the new SRS. But the little hand-pump on the corner remained for decades.

John Brown

John Brown, who donated a quarter acre of land on Sunset Ridge Road in 1878 to build first school in Northfield

Brown School

Brown School in winter

William Cray and students

Sunset Ridge students with William Cray in 1930, the first year the school opened.

Sunset Ridge Students and Teachers

Sunset Ridge Students with William Cray, first district Superindentent, and Betty Heffner, first hired teacher; Cray's daughter Julia is in center row, far left.

Sunset Ridge Students

Students, names on back of photo

William Cray

Brown school student William Cray wins Annual Cook County Spelling Bee soon after his father becomes principal; article from Chicago Herald, April, 1930

William Cray and Brown School students

William Cray, Brown School teacher and first Sunset Ridge Superintendent with the last class of Brown School students in 1930

Betty Heffner

Betty Heffner, first Sunset Ridge teacher, as a young woman.

Sunset Ridge Students

Students with model village and mural, likely in the Sunset Ridge art room.

Harry Collins, Superintendent

Harry Collins, Sunset Ridge Superintendent from 1942-1970, as a young man.

Dorothy Clark

Series of head shots of Dorothy Clark, the driving force behind creation of Sunset Ridge School. She moved here in 1922 from the East Coast.

Louise Cray

Louise Cray, wife of first Sunset Ridge District Superintendent, at about 45 years.

Harry Collins and his car

Young Harry Collins leaning on the car he used to drove to Naperville and back every week.

Sunset Ridge Students

4th and 5th graders the year before Harry Collins cames to Sunset Ridge - 1943-1944. The school was being run without a principal. William Cray retired in 1942 after suffering a stroke.

Sunset Ridge Students

Sunset Ridge students (girls) on playground in back of school