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Ahrens Farm

The Ahrens Farm, which included a truck stand that sold produce on 2211 Old Willow Road, through the 1950s. The land was originally a 13-acre farm purchased through a government claim in 1862.

Alex Levernier

Alex Levernier and wife, Mary (nee Barbara Happ) outside, dressed formally

Anna Clavey

Anna Clavey dressed up as boy in cap and knickers

Article about the Skokie Valley Train

Newspaper Article about the Skokie Valley Train likely published in the Winnetka Talk.

Baling hay

Men baling hay with horseradish growing in field.

Ball announcement

Announcement of Grand Masquerade Ball in Shermerville (Northbrook). List of potential prizes listed on the back for "Best dressed" in various categories.

Ballot Today May Bring New Village

Article from the Winnetka Talk about the vote to incorporate as Wau Bun.

Barb Wenzel and John Nadiar

Barb Wenzel and John Nadiar standing in front of Metz house with flowerpot in foreground

Bartender Dan Spence at Seul's Tavern

Bartender Dan Spence behind the bar at Seul's Tavern in Northfield. This tavern closed in 2011 and re-opened as "Stormy's Tavern and Grill" that same year.